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Coming of Age: The Policy Impact of an Aging Population

Population aging presents one of the most profound social challenges of our time, especially when considered in the context of other social, economic and demographic trends. Collectively these trends have crucial implications for social, economic and health policy and practice, as well as for intergenerational relationships and the well-being of aging adults themselves. Apocalyptic rhetoric about the “silver tsunami” and entrenched views of older adults as dependent are rampant, yet they are rarely challenged. The 2011 RDC conference on “Coming of Age: The Policy Impact of an Aging Population” will engage researchers, policymakers and practitioners from across Canada in a critical examination of the many social and economic issues arising from population aging.


The goal of the 2011 RDC Conference is to bring together researchers, policymakers and practitioners from diverse disciplinary backgrounds who are engaged in issues related to an aging population in Canada to:

  • Share research findings relevant to policy and practice on aging;
  • Build an agenda for future research that will inform decisions and practice on issues of aging;
  • Identify data requirements for future research on aging in Canada;
  • Stimulate discussion among researchers, policy makers and practitioners on the significant issues arising from an aging Canadian society; and
  • Develop a network of contacts who are producing and utilizing research evidence in addressing significant issues in aging.

Student Travel Bursaries

In addition to the registration bursary already included in all student conference registration fees, a limited number of travel bursaries will be available to students registering for the Microsimulation modeling pre-conference workshop with Martin Spielauer or presenting an accepted paper or poster at the conference. Students must apply for these travel bursaries.If you are eligible, download the application form and submit it to the conference coordinator by July 15.