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Pre-conference sessions

Monday October 3, 2011

  1. Complex surveys: Using sampling and bootstrap weights
    This workshop, held at the Sutton Place Hotel, will be offered in two-half day sessions. Persons may register for one or both sessions.  
In the morning session Georgia Roberts, Chief of the Data Analysis Resource Centre at Statistics Canada, will discuss why it is important to take account of the survey design when analyzing complex survey data.  She will describe how to use the sample weights and bootstrap weights appropriately in analysis and will point out some software that can carry this out.

    Complex surveys: Combining Data
    In the afternoon session, Georgia Roberts will examine the issues that arise when a researcher wishes to combine similar data from more than one survey, and will make suggestions of how to proceed.

  2. Micro simulation
    This workshop, held on the University of Alberta campus, is a full day workshop. Martin Spielauer, member of the Modeling Division of Statistics Canada, will provide an introduction to Life Paths and other microsimulation models developed at Statistics Canada. He will provide a general description of the “Modgen” modeling technology and will provide examples of how microsimulation can be used in research and policy development. 

  3. New Data Strategies Coming on Stream in Aging
    This workshop, held at the Sutton Place Hotel, is a half day workshop.  Come and find out what the future holds in terms of innovative data developments, and how that will enhance your opportunities for research. The session will include presentations on new Government of Canada data strategies, on the data collected for the Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging, new Statistics Canada data, and emerging access opportunities to a range of administrative data files.